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Founded in 1881, the University of Liverpool is a centre of world class learning and home to over 22,000 students during term time, including almost 8000 international students.

Don’t worry – STAMMAFest Global is being held out of term time, so the campus won’t be as busy!

As you can see from this campus map, there is so much to see and do around the campus! 


It’s a big place if you want to explore, but STAMMAFest Global will all be held in the Guild of Students and the Teaching Hub (buildings 501 & 502 on the campus map in squares D6 & D7) so you don’t need to worry about walking far during the day. Daytime meals and refreshments will be served from the Courtyard cafe (in the Guild of Students).


Accommodation is only a few minutes’ walk from The Hub: Vine Court (buildings 804 and 805, square F2) and Crown Place (526 & 527, square F7). See our accommodation page for more information.

Delegates will be able to access high speed free WiFi on campus for the duration of the conference.


There are nearby open spaces if you want to sit and enjoy the sunshine (no guarantee of that in the UK, but we’re hopeful!) Click here to see the latest weather in Liverpool. There are places to go for coffee and it’s only a short walk to the Victoria Gallery and Museum or the Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral if you feel like a bit of culture or quiet reflection.

The campus has leading sports facilities, including state-of-the-art gyms and a swimming pool. 

Anyone wishing to use the pool or squash courts can purchase a visitor's pass at the Sports Centre Reception for £5*. To use the gym, you can purchase a one day pass here, this is usually around £6.50*.

*Prices correct at time of writing.

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