Look at the amazing line up of keynote speakers and plenary panel discussions we have in store*:

*The programme may be subject to changes.


Thursday 25th August

On Thursday morning, Hanan Hurwitz will kick off STAMMAFest Global, talking about how the community of people who stammer stretches around the globe. Many people who stammer, and their families, experience the effects of stigma related to stammering. That stigma can make us feel unworthy, isolated, and perhaps even ‘defective’. Yet, when we come together, we can explore and properly understand stammering, resolving those unhelpful thoughts and beliefs. Together we find our community, a place to openly discuss stammering. Together we find our tribe, a sense of family, belonging and support. Together we push back against the stigma, empowering ourselves and one another.

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Friday 26th August

Friday morning’s plenary session will be a fascinating discussion about stammering through the eyes of a panel of artists, writers and musicians. Is there really beauty in stammering? Or is it just fools’ gold? Come and listen, engage in the discussion, and see what you conclude at the end.

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Saturday 27th August

Saturday’s plenary session is all about stammering at work. Leaders from professional stammering networks will discuss how they’ve connected with others across their sector and raised awareness of stammering at work. Come and join the session to hear about some of the ways people who stammer are influencing employers, organisations and their colleagues for the better.

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Sunday 28th August

We want to create a world where stammering is as established as wearing glasses. Where people can stammer openly without being judged. Where they don’t feel they have to hide their stammer to be accepted. Where they can access support should they want it. Where stammering is not mistaken for drunkenness, dishonesty, nervousness or weakness. Join in the discussion and hear from speakers who are already pushing for change by challenging discrimination, lobbying those in power, and helping the public understand that stammering is simply the way some of us talk.

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