If you’re interested in leading a workshop, giving a talk or presentation, or sharing your talents we’d love to hear from you! Please complete this form to let us know about your ideas and the support you would need.

We’d particularly like to feature sessions with multiple presenters and where the session represents a collaboration across organisations, groups, or countries.

STAMMAFest Global is being planned as a face to face conference… it’s been so long since we were all able to be together in person! We are exploring our options for a hybrid conference to allow people who can’t travel to Liverpool to attend parts of the conference (…watch this space!) but our aim is for as many workshops, talks and presentations as we can to be led by people who are with us in person enjoying all the fun Liverpool and STAMMAFest Global has to offer! Priority is likely to be given to submissions from presenters who plan to come to Liverpool.



To submit your idea for a session, fill out the form lower down this page. You need to complete a separate form for each workshop or presentation.  Make sure you read the "Themes" information below as you'll be asked which of the event 'themes' your session would fit into best.

We will review all the applications and decide which sessions can fit the programme, on what day and at what time.  You’ll hear whether your session has been allocated a place in the programme by 31st March 2022.


SUBMISSION DEADLINE -  20th February 2022.



Stammering, or stuttering, is what brings us together, but we’re all different and we want to make sure that STAMMAFest Global has something for everyone. For this reason, workshops, presentations and sessions will be allocated into one of the following four ‘themes’:-



How can we change ourselves and the world around us? This might involve sharing a particular aspect of your own experience in relation to stammering or something on a broader scale. Share what change and empowerment looks like to you. Or set up a discussion panel to explore what this looks like in the wider world. Perhaps you’ve worked to change views of stammering amongst your family and friends, or maybe you’ve lobbied shops or services for more respectful interactions with people who stammer. Do you have ideas about how we can work together regionally, nationally or internationally? These ideas and many more are a great fit for this stream.



Community helps us connect with others, share our experiences, laugh together, cry together, have fun together and feel part of this international stammering tribe. Community sessions could be anything from talking about how you set up or keep your local group, national or international network going, to sharing your own experiences, to a belly-dancing group, to a café-chat session. We’d love to hear from you!



There’s been loads about stammering, writing and the arts shared over the past two years, so the door is wide open.  Whether you want to set up a live performance or film, a poetry session, cartoon or drawing workshop, dance session, or talk about books, film or music. Go for it!



There are so many possibilities! Can you run a session on employment law, or mentoring? What about a session around recruitment and stammering? Or disclosure of stammering in the workplace or in school or university? Are there practices you’ve tried at work that you think others would benefit from? Is there a professional network in your workplace that you could tell everyone about? Do you have experience working with children or teenagers who stammer in relation to school? Or working with universities? Or teachers? Come and share your knowledge and experiences.