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Getting Excited about my First Conference

As soon as I heard about STAMMAFest Global, I knew I had to go.

I’ve never been to any conference like it before, but it sounds like an amazing opportunity.

Stammering can be an isolating condition, but I know from experience that the stammering community is welcoming, warm and generous.

The four days of motivational and thought-provoking speeches, a variety of intriguing workshops and all sorts of activities among such understanding and kind people is something I know I shouldn’t miss. I’m particularly looking forwards to the ‘Beauty in Stammering’ session, where artists, musicians and writers will discuss how they view stammering. It sounds like it will be a really positive experience.

I’m looking forward to so much about STAMMAFest, but at the same time, I can’t help feeling nervous. What will it be like there? Will everyone else know lots of people apart from me? It reassures me to think that there will be lots of other first-timers who probably share the same worries as me.

I also know that everyone will be kind and understanding, because that’s something having a stammer gives you.

I am excited to meet so many other people who sound like me, and I’m certain that I will be completely welcomed.

Something I’ll really enjoy about the conference is the relief of not having to worry about my speech. Everyone else will share the same difficulties or know a lot about what it’s like to stammer.

Spending time in a place where my way of speaking is the norm will be wonderful.

My message to other first-timers? Please don’t be nervous! I can assure you we will feel welcomed, and that everyone will have a brilliant time among inspiring and kind individuals who sound just like us.

Liss Birch

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