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Sunday 28th August


Session Host Douglas Scott

Born in Houston, Texas, USA, Douglas has been involved in the stuttering community for 36 years. As a member of the National Stuttering Association (USA) since 1985, he has been a chapter leader, national conference coordinator, Board member (Adult Programmes Co-Chair), and first timer ambassador at annual conferences.

Douglas is a former Stutter Social online host and has participated in two Joint World Congresses on Stuttering/Cluttering, and several other international stuttering conferences before STAMMAFest Global 2022. Currently, he is completing his first 3-year term as a board member of the International Stuttering Association (ISA). He hopes to continue serving the international stuttering community as an ISA board member. His major focus and passion is to help, primarily, adults who stutter become who they want to be and live their best life.

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Patrick Campbell is a stammerer and junior doctor living in Cambridge, England. He has an interest in how public and self-stigma intertwine to produce disability for people who stammer and how this process can be altered through seeing positive value in stammering. Recently, Patrick has enjoyed playing 11-a-side football again.

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Patrick Campbell

Georgia Scott documents her life on TikTok, showing the trials and tribulations of being a person with a stammer. She started this journey recording herself going through Drive Thru’s to order food, a simple task for most, but usually a huge challenge for somebody who stammers. She shows the good days, the bad days, and everything in between. Georgia felt really lonely as a child, longed for representation and needed somebody to look up to. This plays a big part in why she does what she does. Georgia, ge0rgiatalks, has a following of 192,000 followers on TikTok.

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Georgia Scott

Jane started as CEO of STAMMA in 2018. She brought in a new 5 year plan to reach more people in the UK who stammer, to increase the organisations service provision and challenge the public perception of what it means to stammer.

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Jane Powell

Yvette Genn

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Yvette Genn is a barrister specialising in employment discrimination law with particular emphasis on disability. She is also a personal injury law specialist where her work focuses on neurotrauma. Yvette is also a Recorder, Deputy District Judge and recently appointed as a Mental Health Tribunal Judge (Restricted Patients Panel). She has designed and delivered training in her fields of expertise for many years and is a UCL Judicial Institute training Fellow.

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