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Saturday 27th August


Session Host Prasan Modasia

Prasan is a member of STAMMA Legal (the Stamma network for anyone working in or thinking of entering the legal industry. In his day job Prasan provides advice on corporate governance as well as the purchasing and selling of companies.
He helped draft STAMMA’s new constitution to transport STAMMA’s governance into the future whilst allowing its constitution to read more easily for its members. Prasan has stammered since he was young (now more covertly) and he has experienced first-hand the impact stammering has on confidence and mental well-being.
Prasan believes the message STAMMA brings to the world is powerful and important. If he had known that it is OK to stammer, and not something to overcome, it would have unlocked a different perspective within him.

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Michael Wright is one of the co-founders and co-chairs of the ‘Nuclear Stammering Network’ and also sits on Sellafield Sites’ Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Committee.

Michael works within the Outage Management and Site Integration areas of the business as an Outage Planning Engineer.

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Michael Wright

Yincent Tse is a Children’s Kidney Consultant and a Clinical Director of Newcastle Hospitals NHS Trust. Son of first generation migrants, English was not his first language.

He came to the UK aged 8 and whilst adapting to a new language he started to stammer.

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Yincent Tse

Liz, known as "Resh," works as a Police Sergeant for Sussex Police and recently started the force's ‘Police Stammering network.’ The network aims to raise awareness of stammering in Policing and make the service more accessible for those who stammer.
Having stammered herself since the age of 5 years old, Resh is passionate about raising awareness of stammering and being the voice within Policing to make positive change.

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Liz Reschwamm

Clive Collins

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Clive is a founding member and current co-chair of the BBC Stammering Support Network. He is also a member of the Board of BBC Ability (the staff disability network). Clive has worked for the BBC for over twenty years within the Sports Archive.
A member of STAMMA (and its predecessors the AFS and the BSA) since the 1980s, he has received varied support for his stammer during his life including from City Lit and as part of the McGuire Programme. He helped to set up the BBC Stammering Support Network last year to support colleagues who stammer and to raise awareness.

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