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Dean Ridge

Dean is an active volunteer for STAMMA and joint founder of the Stamma Striders walking group.

Hilary Liddle

Hilary is the lead Speech and Language Therapist at Liverpool’s Willy Russell Centre for Children and Adults who Stammer.

Jenny Packer

Jenny is a Speech and Language Therapist who works with children who stammer and their families.

Paul Roberts

Paul is an active member of STAMMA, local support groups and helped found the Stamma Striders walking group.

Hanan Hurwitz

Hanan is an electronics engineer, currently working as an independent Quality Management consultant.

Jane Powell

Jane started as CEO of STAMMA in 2018. She brought in a new 5 year plan to reach more people in the UK who Stammer

Kirsten Howells

Kirsten is a Speech and Language Therapist who coordinates the STAMMA helpline and webchat services.

Steven Babic

Steven is a volunteer for STAMMA and has stammered for as long as he can remember.

Tim Fell

Tim has been a Trustee of STAMMA since 2014 and was the chair from 2015-2021

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