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Covid rates are currently rising in the UK, so we are taking steps at STAMMAFest Global to try to ensure the conference doesn’t unintentionally become a ‘superspreader’ event.

All delegates who develop covid symptoms before arriving in Liverpool or during the conference are expected to isolate for 5 days (or longer if symptoms continue) and not to attend any presentations, workshops or social events on campus. This falls in line with the University of Liverpool’s policy to reduce the risk of covid spreading.

During the conference we ask people to wear masks, and we will give everyone a reusable mask in their conference goodie bag. Masks can of course be removed for eating and we don’t expect presenters to wear masks when speaking, but it will help prevent asymptomatic viral spread if people wear masks when listening to presentations and when moving around the conference venue.


There are hand sanitiser stations throughout the conference venue, and we will encourage social distancing in the seating arrangements. We ask that delegates think about covid symptoms before each day of the conference and do not to attend if you feel unwell. If you can, doing a covid test each day will be helpful. We will have a small number of tests for delegates who are concerned they may be positive, but we cannot provide tests for all delegates every day.

For those who are staying in university accommodation, the university will provide “covid corridors” and any delegates who contract covid will be moved to a bedroom on one of these corridors to isolate. The university will provide basic food parcels for any isolating delegates during their stay.


We understand that mask wearing, hand sanitising and the thought of testing and isolation might be frustrating to some, but we want to ensure everyone feels safe at STAMMAFest Global. Please bear in mind that while you may have a robust immune system, the same may not be true of the person you’re sitting next to, so let’s all be kind and show consideration to each other. Thank you.

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