This event combines the 14th World Congress of the International Stuttering Association (ISA), held triennially, with STAMMA's own biennial conference.

STAMMAFest is being organised by a mixed group of STAMMA staff and volunteers with a wealth of experience in all things related to stammering.   


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During 2019, a group of volunteers and STAMMA staff started planning for the 2020 biennial national STAMMA conference in Sheffield. There was great excitement and enthusiasm for the event, with a planned festival vibe to bring a different atmosphere to a traditional conference… STAMMAFest 2020 was born! 


Sadly, all the plans and preparations were halted by the global pandemic, but the organisers are delighted that this unhappy situation has led to something bigger and better.

We can now all look forward to STAMMAFest Global 2022 in a new host city – Liverpool! 

The organising team has expanded and everyone is excited for STAMMAFest Global, which will keep many elements of the original STAMMAFest plans. It’s going to be amazing.

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Dean Ridge

Dean is an active volunteer for STAMMA and joint founder of the Stamma Striders walking group.

Jane Powell

Jane started as CEO of STAMMA in 2018. She brought in a new 5 year plan to reach more people in the UK who...

Kirsten Howells

Kirsten is a Speech and Language Therapist who coordinates the STAMMA helpline and webchat services.

Natalie Mortimer

Natalie is a vocational trainer and Psychology MSc student who hopes to become an Educational Psychologist.

Steven Babic

Steven is a volunteer for STAMMA and has stammered for as long as he can remember.

Hanan Hurwitz

Hanan is an electronics engineer, currently working as an independent Quality Management consultant.

Jenny Packer

Jenny is a Speech and Language Therapist who works with children who stammer and their families.

Lynne Mackie

Lynne is a Trustee for both STAMMA and the Scottish Stammering Network as well as being on the board of Stamily.

Paul Roberts

Paul is an active member of STAMMA, local support groups and helped found the Stamma Striders walking group.

Tim Fell

Tim is Chair of the Board of Trustees at STAMMA.  He has been a Trustee since 2014.


Founded in 1978, the British Stammering Association, trading as STAMMA, is a registered charity numbers: 1089967 and SCO38866.


Our mission is to support anyone who stammers in the UK and tackle the stigma, ignorance and discrimination that people who stammer often face so that they can live their life in full and with dignity.

We provide information, resources and support to those who stammer as well as those close to them such as family, friends, educators, employers and colleagues. For more information click here.


Founded in 1995, the International Stuttering Association (ISA) is a not-for-profit international umbrella association made up primarily of national self-help associations for people who stutter. The ISA seeks to provide a means whereby the voices of people who stutter can be heard at the international level.

Every three years, the ISA works with member associations to hold a world congress to bring people together to meet and share information about stuttering.  For more information click here.